Canadian Down Syndrome
Reframing a difficult conversation
Year: 2017
Capabilities: Digital Products. Social.


Expectant parents of an unborn child with Down syndrome have 10 days to decide whether to keep the baby or not. CDSS wanted to provide answers about Down syndrome that they were seeking. Our target was a very small and fragmented audience who is difficult to reach.


Despite accounting for just 0.1% of pregnant couples, they ask Google 57,000 Down syndrome-related questions every month—a massive volume for such a small group.


In partnership with Google, we identified the 40 most-Googled questions parents were asking about Down syndrome. Then, using Google AdWords, we intercepted these top searches so we could answer parents in the exact moment they needed information.


With lots of questions and no time, couples inevitably turn to Google for answers. Rather than leaving them to the wilds of WebMD, CDSS had the true experts answer their questions—people with Down syndrome. Down Syndrome Answers is a series of searchable videos that answer the 40 top-Googled questions. By taking this data-driven approach, we’ve ensured our videos’ organic rankings will continue to rise. This means that Down Syndrome Answers is an always-on campaign that will live far beyond its initial launch, providing expectant parents a searchable resource to turn to—today and into the future.

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