Refreshing an established brand in an over-saturated market
Year: 2017
Capabilities: Social.


Levi’s had become an outdated and irrelevant brand.


Everybody wears jeans, but people have lived some of their most authentic moments in Levi’s.


Celebrate the authenticity of real life.


We re-introduced the world to Levi’s through “Live in Levi’s”. We embraced the insight that Levi’s is a central piece of people’s most exciting and charged moments and that people are more themselves, more likely to live without hesitation, more likely to dare to follow their hearts, when they are wearing Levi’s. The campaign led to an uncovered universal truth – people of every culture, religion and age all have one thing in common – a love for dance circles. A symbol of unity, we cast over 350 diverse dancers from vastly differing subcultures to come together and live how we dance – together.

Consecutive Years Growth
ROI on Marketing Spend
10-year decline into 6-year growth
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4th Consecutive Year Named Top 3 Global Network Promoting Good Causes
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2020 Global Agency of the Year
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2020 & 2019 A-List & 2020 Best Places to Work
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2020 Most Awarded Network
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2020 Design Agency of the Year
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2019 North America Network of the year and 2019 Top 3 Global Network