Radio Flyer
Breathing new life into a heritage brand
Year: 2017
Capabilities: FCB/RED. FCBX. 456 Studios.


Radio Flyer needed to inspire the next generation to challenge their imagination when they would rather spend hours behind a digital screen.


Imaginative play is key to a child’s development.


Enable kids to go as far as their imagination can take them.


We created the world’s first Travel Agency for the Imagination, specializing exclusively in make-believe places only reachable by a Radio Flyer wagon—like Dragon’s Butt Kingdom. Every adventure was as thrilling and memorable as possible, complete with vintage-style travel posters, passports, and postcards. Because the best vehicle for imagination might be a 100-year-old, lo-fi, no-tech, little red wagon.

Trips to the Moon
Dragons Conquered
Yetis Encountered
New Childhood Memories
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